Best Purple Laser Pointer Reviewed and Compared

The many vibrant colors in the laser world make it so much fun to use these pointing contraptions. But the purple laser pointer remains one of the favorites worldwide.

The advancement of the purple laser pointer means it has become a highly popular aid for teaching and demonstrational purposes in microscopy, fluorescence, and spectroscopy. A purple laser pointer emits a 450 nm beam of laser light, and since it became available on the market, there are so many options to choose from.

This article will explore the best purple laser pointers, what makes them excellent options, and their best feature/quality.

Let’s dive right in!

The Best Overall Purple Laser Pointer

The YIJIZE High Power Blue Beam Pointer

The YIJIZE High Power Blue Beam Pointer is the best overall because it offers users exceptional specs and a very powerful light beam. It generates an ultra-bright pale purple light that borders the ultraviolet range. This laser pointer has a high energy wavelength of 405nW that makes it excellent for all science light experiments and the astronomy laser pointer to have.

It has an adjustable focal length allowing you to widen the beam and vice versa. The package contains one blue laser light which can be used in a variety of materials including for laser marking, cutting, and engraving.

And when the manufacturer says you can see melt black plastic or shut down and ignite dark combustibles, then it makes sense that they included safety goggles to keep your eyes safe.

Using this laser pointer, you can see blue to purple light tracks. It uses two lithium batteries that can be recharged so you do not need to keep replacing the batteries.

The unit is well-constructed and sturdy. That allows it to be used in several applications, including for exploits like sending out distress signals and pointing out distant instructions and targets. The body is waterproof, so you do not have to worry if it comes into contact with water or moisture.

Because of the powerful capability of this laser beam, it is not recommended for long-term use for the safety of your eyes. Also, do not keep the light on for too long to avoid ruining it.

Best Feature/Quality:

It can send a laser beam up to 10000 meters which is the longest distance your naked eye can see at night. That makes it a definite must-have tool in your survival kit if you love the outdoors. We also love that it can be used in several industrial applications safely.

The Best Military Laser Pointer

The PX# 200mW Purple Laser

The PX3 200mW Purple Laser is a military laser pointer with a powerful pale purple beam. A military-grade laser pointer is specifically designed to withstand the rugged requirements of military deployment. Such pointers have undergone extensive vibration and shock testing to make them more durable in all types of environments.

The military aspect of this laser shines through on the unit’s laser improved body which is completely submersible. It has a smooth, sleek, waterproof body with a secure grip in your hand.

The beam is a mesmerizing light frequency of 405nW. With its adjustable focus, you can make the beam wide or narrow. The tech lanyard is an excellent addition to the package because it makes it easy to carry the pointer around with holding it in your hand all the time.

Please note that while it is not illegal to own a military-grade laser pointer, the Code of Federal Regulations in the United States limits all commercial class IIIa lasers to only 5mW. After all, this can be a dangerous piece of equipment.

Since the PX#3 200mW Purple laser has an output of 200mW, it doesn’t fall in the commercial Class IIIa category of lasers. 

The laser beam distance is 5,000 meters. You can expect a duty cycle of 100 seconds on and 30 seconds off. But keeping in mind that this is still a military-grade laser pointer, the pair of googles it comes with makes it all the safer to use.

This unit uses a lithium 18650 battery which offers an expected service lifetime of 5,000 hours. The package contains a charger and extra batteries so that you never run out of power. It also comes with five laser lenses that are interchangeable depending on the laser application you intend to use the pointer for.

Best Feature/Quality

The adjustable focal lens provides you with complete control of the laser point. Also, the military nuances on this laser point make it extra special to own. We also love the tactical laser holster that houses the unit.

Best Three-In-One laser pointer

The 3 Pack Laser Pointer for Cats and Dogs

The 3 Pack laser Pointer for Cats and Dogs is value for money. It offers three different colored laser pointers: red, green, and purple.

The good news is that you can use these laser pointers at meetings, conferences, and in the classroom just as effectively as when playing your feline friend.

The three pointers are sleek and compact and measure just 5.9 inches so they can fit in your pocket.

Since you have three laser pointers to choose from you are spoilt for choice when it comes to your presentations. Using these laser pointers you can make your presentations stand out by marking and pointing out key points in different colors

The best laser to use when interacting with your cat is the green laser light. The red pointer will also not harm the cat.

Each pointer uses two AAA batteries which you have to buy separately.

Best Feature/Quality:

The non-slip design on the body of the laser. Even during long presentations, the laser fits easily in your hand due to the non-slip design

Best Purple Laser Pointer for Cats

The 7 in 1 Function LED Pointer Cat Toy

The 7 in 1 Function LED Pointer Cat Toys will bring joy to cat parents and their feline friends. This laser pointer is excellent for providing your cat with interactive playtime. It features seven functions and premium construction with a high-quality metal body.

You can switch the red laser beam into a red dot. Or it can also create four fun animal patterns: butterfly, smiley face, five-pointed star, and of course, a cat’s favorite nemesis, the mouse.

However, the purple beam may be too bright for your cat’s eyes. As a general rule, avoid using high-power laser pointers because the penetrating light can harm your cat’s vision causing permanent retinal damage.

Did you know that a powerful laser beam can burn the eye’s retina in seconds?

Violet laser beams can be more powerful than their red and green counterparts.

This laser pointer uses a built-in 100 mAh lithium battery which does not need replacement. You can also use the pointer as a flashlight, and it is lightweight and easy to carry around. That makes it an excellent small survival tool if you do not want to haul a large flashlight around. Besides, you can use it to send a signal if you are lost or hurt in the wild.

Best Feature/Quality

We love the USB interface on the metal body that makes it easy to charge the lithium battery. Another excellent feature is the LED light which is safe for you and your pet. And users also appreciate the metal clip and anti-drop rope design that secures the pointer on clothes, books, and belts.

Why Use a Purple Laser Pointer?

The purple laser pointer is an excellent choice for fluorescence, microscopy, and spectroscopy demonstrations. But that may not be what makes it most popular.

It has a shorter more energetic wavelength making it the best option to use for industrial purposes. Purple lasers can be used in laser marking, engraving, drilling, cutting, and stripping. With a purple laser, like the high-power YIJIZE High Power Blue Beam Pointer that we reviewed above, you can cut through wood and other materials.

The purple beam’s wavelength of 405nm is close to the upper light spectrum of the human eye. So our eyes perceive this light as more than one color. That quality makes it useful in creating fun and popular glow-in-the-dark toys for human consumption. 

You can use your purple laser pointer to have some glow-in-the-dark fun with friends or as a survival tool in the dark when out camping.

U.S. Safety Regulations When Using Laser Pointers

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the following regulations apply in the United States:

  1. A surgical laser can only be sold to licensed laser practitioners
  2. Laser products should have both identification and certification labels that state the product complies with the federal laser standard.
  3. All laser devices must be certified by the manufacturer and comply with 21 CFR 1040.10, especially now that overpowered green, blue, and purple laser pointers are available on the market and they pose a potentially hazardous situation. Overpowered laser pointers have a modification enabling them to emit more radiation than the original manufacturer’s product.
  4. Non-compliant lasers manufacturers may be required by the FDA to correct their products.


Purple lasers are fun and exciting. However, they also come with a lot of responsibility to yourself, your pet, and others around you. Pilot illumination is a major problem since modified overpowered beams can interfere with pilot operations. The beam’s brightness is not always indicative of its power and potential for injury.

All the above choices will provide you with long service life, and you can use them all in multiple applications. But do not forget to use your purple laser pointer safely and obey the safety regulations put in place.

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